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Technologies and devices for Internet of Things and Edge Computing



Chair: Adrian M. Ionescu (EPFL, Switzerland)



In the future, major innovations will require holistic approaches encompassing silicon and cloud technologies in the context of big/abundant data analytics. There is still a very important role to be played by innovations in energy efficient technologies, devices, and system architectures and design, building on the success of silicon CMOS. This tutorial is addressing some of the stringent challenges of Internet of Things and Edge Computing in terms of energy efficient technologies, sensor network architectures, energy harvesting, power management and the design in most advanced low power CMOS technologies such as Ultra-Thin Body Fully Depleted Silicon On Insulator. The speakers will detail the state of the art in the field and will illustrate their talks with concrete examples and implementations. A particular attention will be dedicated to the use of IoT in medicine and smart living.



Lothar Thiele, ETH Zurich, Switzerland – IoT sensor networks

Adrian Ionescu, EPFL, Switzerland – Energy efficient technologies and devices for enabling Artificial Intelligence at the Edge: an Overview

Emilio Calvanese, Strinati, CEA-LETI, France – Smart IoT sensors for medicine and smart living

Thomas Skotnicki, CEZAMAT, Poland and Maher Kayal, EPFL, Switzerland – Energy harvesting and power management for sub-milliWatt IoT nodes

Stephane Monfray, ST Microelectronics, France – Designing ultralow power IoT systems with UTBB FD-SOI


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