Conference program

The ESSCIRC’2019 conference topics:


OP-Amps and instrumentation amplifiers; CT and DT filters; SC circuits, Comparators; Voltage and current references; High voltage circuits; Nonlinear analog circuits; Digitally assisted analog circuits.

Data Converters

Nyquist-rate and oversampling A/D and D/A converters; Sample-hold circuits; Time-to-digital converters; ADC and DAC calibration/error correction circuits.

RF and mm-Wave

RF/IF building blocks like LNAs, mixers, power amplifiers, IF amplifiers; Power detectors; Subsystems for RF, mm-wave and

THz design.

Frequency Generation

Modulators/demodulators; VCOs; PLLs; DLLs; Frequency synthesizers; Frequency dividers; Integrated passive components.

Wireless and Wireline Systems

Receivers/transmitters/transceivers for wireless/wireline systems Gigabit serial links; Clock and data recovery; Equalization;

Advanced modulation systems; Base station and handset applications; TV/radio/satellite receivers and transmitters; Radars.

Sensors, Imager and Biomedical

Sensor subsystems and interfaces; Accelerometers; Temperature sensing; Imaging and smart imaging chips; AMOLED; MEMs subsystems; RF MEMs; Implantable electronic ICs; Biomedical imagers; Bio-MEMs integrated systems; Lab-on-chip; Organic LED and liquid-crystal-display interface circuits; Flat panel and projection display.

Digital, Security and Memory

Techniques for energy efficient and high performance digital circuits; I/O and inter-chip communication; Reconfigurable digital

circuits; Security and encryption circuits; Clocking; Arithmetic building blocks; Memories; Microprocessors; DSPs; Memory

interfacing; Bus interfacing; Many core and multirate ICs; 3D integration.

Power Management

Energy transducers; Power regulators; DC-DC converters; Energy scavenging circuits; LDOs Boost-buck-converters; LED and gate drivers; Sequencers and supervisors; Green circuits.